Learning is back on life

Hello everybody, it’s me Sarah!

I am so so sorry, it’s been a long time since I dont’ update this website, I kinda lost the interest for a while and started to do other things, it could be like… One in a year vacations? It helped me a lot, it made me to fall in account about what I wanted to do, my philosophy changed, I switched like three different linux distros, learned a lot more about hacking and welp… That’s almost all.

I want to make Learning different, at least a bit, I won’t made any other course based in a book and try to take from little to no references, quotes or examples. I also changed the list of courses I want to upload here, this is how my To-Do list currently looks like:

  • C Programming for beginners
  • The basics of network hacking
  • Advanced network hacking
  • Social Engineering
  • Privacy and anonymity

What do you think about it? I am not a creative person so… It probably could be better, I hope you comment things you would like to learn and… Welp, thanks for waiting and sorry for leaving this amazing project. Thanks :3


Hi! I am Sarah, I am a programmer and grey hat hacktivist, I support and work under the free software philosophy. I like to learn things and help others to increase their knowledge, I am not either a teacher or a professional, I simply like the knowledge and want to spread it.