Learning is redesigned

Hello everybody, I’m Sarah!

As you may noted, Learning has passed through a very BIG change. I have redesigned its design, basically I has to change the theme, but I loved the results.

I have a lot of new and amazing stuff planned to do with Learning, and this is the first step to perform all of those things. The old template has a plethora of errors, it wasn’t as responsible as it shall be and it looked kind of outdated. I hope you like this new design (it took me 9 hours to do btw)!. I will post a few pictures of the old learning compared with the new one.

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Hi! I am Sarah, I am a programmer and grey hat hacktivist, I support and work under the free software philosophy. I like to learn things and help others to increase their knowledge, I am not either a teacher or a professional, I simply like the knowledge and want to spread it.