Hello everybody! If you are here, thank you so much!.

Learning is an indie project, currently it is being maintained by only one person (as of date 2020-09-24). I've programmed Learning, I've created the blog, I've written a few entries, I've added many courses, and all of that will always be free.

At the very beginning (about May 2020) I started out with the very first prototype of an LMS system by using WordPress, it was sooo good, there could be users, there was a forum, the instructors could get earnings by publishing courses, there were quizzes and a lot of other features, but as WordPress is made in PHP it had specific hosting requirements, and it is not a static language like HTML, I tried hosting that site in a lot of different free hostings platforms (as I couldn't afford a paid one), but it always got suspended, in some places because of its high CPU usage, in some others because its content was illegal (as it was an only-hacking online school).

Then, I started out to experiment with Jekyll, and the [second site](https://h4ck1ngb00tc4mp.gq) was created. I didn't know that much about using jekyll for creating my own theme, so I was using one that I found navigating in GitHub, but it was so simple, so I became very discouraged.

Two days ago (2020-09-22) I started working on this version of Learning, it is much more complete, way more beautiful, the content is more organised, and there are way more pages. someday I would like it to work like it did in the first version of Learning (previously called h4ck1ngb00tc4mp and then renamed to CashSchool), but to do that I would need to use a payed VPS service. I would like to work in some other projects or write better courses (Unity or Unreal Engine courses) but I can't do that because of my computer, to make all of these things better, to evolve Learning to a way much more better website I need funds.

I don't want Learning to be a paid website, because there are a lot of them, and almost all of the guides or tutorials you find free on the Internet are so poor (there are exceptions, obviously) I want to change all of that, I want to make this a complete learning portal, unlike freeCodeCamp not only about programming, it would be amazing if there are Chess courses, personal growth, social techniques and all of that stuff.

If you want to contribute, you can do so by donating to the following PayPal account. Thank you so much!

Before you leave this page, CashSchool wasn’t called “CashSchool” because you were supposed to win a lot of cash by enroling in our courses or even creating them, it was called “CashSchool” after Johnny Cash.