There are several ways in which you could contribute. By fixing grammar errors in the lessons and blog posts, fixing bugs, updating styles, creating lessons and even entire courses. You can go to the docuentation of Learning and read the guides to do so

Yes. Learning is and will be completely free forever. You can access to all its content (even the source code) without paying or hidden fees.

Nope. The only way we 'could' store your info is by our Google Analytics tracking code (which I use only to see the traffic of the website). The only way Learning could earn money if through Donations

Because when I started to code and to hack, I would liked to have a website whose content was free (and obviously good) so I decided to start this so I can help other people who is starting or want to learn new stuff

Sure!. You don't need a diploma or decades of experience to be good at something. As long as the course you create is quality content it will be added to Learning

No. At learning you can teach anything. Are you good at chess? Create a chess course. Are you good at singing? Create a singing course. This is a teach-and-learn-anything website

No, you can't get earnings by contributing at Learning, you can add a donate paypal button or a BTC address to donate in the description of your course (The file located at "_posts/")