Create your own malware using C: Finishing our malware

Compiling our malware

Now, we are ready to compile - again - our malware so we can send it to our victim. We already know the commands needed to do so. First, let’s compile the server:

gcc Server.c -o Server

Note: If some of these compiling commands returns you an error, go and post it with your code in “Ask the Tutor” section.

And compile the backdoor:

i686-w64-mingw32-gcc -o malware.exe Backdoor.c -lwsock32 -lwininet

Note: Sometimes a compilation made with MinGW could be incomplete, so make sure you check it and if there is any problem, compile the Backdoor.c file again.

Make sure the IP addresses and ports in both files are right, and check the commands we added throughout the code: